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The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has been collaborating with its wholesale customers on a variety of issues through an outreach process since 1997. The effort encompasses a Water Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a Wastewater Steering Committee and their related work groups that include staff from DWSD, wholesale water and wastewater customers, SEMCOG and MDEQ. This outreach portal is a resource for these groups and an information source for customers throughout DWSD's service area.



 Operation Clean Water Detroit 

RTB Performance Summary for May – October 2014…RTBs prevented more than 14.7 billion gallons of untreated discharges into our waterways to protect public health during the recreation season of 2014.


Urban Stormwater Management Practices Go Green…DWSD and customer communities are making green infrastructure part of their stormwater management programs.


Using Asset Management to Maximize Our Infrastructure Investment…DWSD and Metropolitan Detroit communities are expanding the capabilities of their asset management systems to improve our water and sewer infrastructure.



RTB Performance Report and Article Archive




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How Much Do I Pay For a Gallon of Water?   How Can I Reduce My Water Bill?



Introduction to DWSD Wastewater Rates Simplification  



Jan. 12, 2015 - Water TAC and Wastewater Steering Committee Work Group Briefs