Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

With over 50% of all marriages ending in divorce you should familiarize yourself with the steps that need to be taken prior to filing for divorce. While this is a sensitive subject for most people it is something that should be addressed to protect yourself in the future.

When to Call it Quits

This is a hard decision to make, but there are some situations where you have to end the marriage and the most important one is where your partner has become abusive either physically or emotionally. Domestic violence is a real problem and should not be taken lightly. If your spouse hits you or is emotionally abusive you should realize that they are not likely to change this behavior so it is in your best interest to leave that person even if you have children.

Steps to Take When Leaving an Abusive Spouse

The first thing you should do is covertly speak with a divorce lawyer, this will take some planning on your end but you don’t want your spouse to know what you are planning just in case they try to retaliate.  The lawyer is going to explain what your rights are during and after the divorce. Another item the lawyer will cover with you is the steps to take in order to safely protect your assets and children. This decision is not something to take lightly but if you are being abused then you have to get away for your well-being and that of any children. Take the time to speak with a divorce lawyer now, while you have the opportunity. With each passing day, the abuse could escalate so it would be in your best interest to be proactive now or you could end up regretting it over the long-term.