How To Choose The Perfect Smart Phone

If you like playing mobile games, you’ll need a phone that can match the job. To download Brawl Stars, you’ll need a phone with the right system requirements.

Measuring the performance of a phone is not a trivial matter, but not too complicated. Beyond what the benchmarks tell us (a subject that we treated a few months ago in, the most important thing is that the phone is able to give us a satisfactory experience in its use, in the day to day. That the operating system moves efficiently and that the applications open and close quickly, for example. Then there are some users who care that the phone turns on and off with a certain speed, that the applications are installed without affecting the performance of the system, or that the ‘camera’ is activated instantly. This is the difference, for example, between medium hardware and a very high range.

There are very powerful processors ( Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5 ), other intermediate ones ( Snapdragon 600 and 400 , MediaTek Octa Core ), many basic ones (Snapdragon 200, MediaTek, AllWinner) and even some exclusive ones ( Apple A7 , only present in iPhone and without competition from other manufacturers). Many models make for a market that is difficult to measure.

Once again we will have to decide who is what we are looking for. Much less it is necessary to go for the best processor on the market, but it is not advisable to go to an input range, or a very basic SoC. The ideal is a mid-range (the Snapdragon 400 and 600, Mediatek Octa Core mentioned earlier) that are generally found on the phones of better quality / price.

In hardware we have another key factor in the current systems: the RAM whose use depends greatly on the chosen operating system. For example Android is much more demanding than iOS or Windows Phone, the latter much more efficient. For Google Android it is advisable to go to 1 GB of RAM at least to maintain a very smooth experience, and 2 GB for users looking for ‘the best’. The difference between 1 and 2 GB is that between something ‘good’ that serves us well, and something ‘better’ with which we will have a near-perfect experience.

In Windows Phone Microsoft has managed to forge a simple system but whose requirements are not at all high. There are phones with 512 MB of RAM that work perfectly and others with 1 GB that propose a similar experience. It seems that the amount of RAM in a Windows smartphone is not a fundamental factor.

In Apple iOS we will find something similar. The options are nonexistent (iPhone 5, 5C and 5S offer 1GB of RAM) and with this figure the operating system moves very accurately, maybe stuttering on previous models but adequately on the new phones. It’s good to choose a phone that can run it smoothly if you want to download Brawl Stars.